Awkoder – Your Love (ft Phlore) EP

Awkoder – Nancy (Màlaga) – France (Spain)

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This one, is one of my favorite artist. Always great tracks, with his own style, something like 80’s electro/pop.
The first time I heard about him was in a great Compilation I downloaded 2 years ago, ” Solstice 11:29 ” (Download).
This was one track, and I forgot to search more about him.
And one day, because of Lueur Verte, another great SynthWave artist that you have to know, I fell down on this track, ” Nightrain ” remixed by Lueur Verte. I found again this typical sound that I used to love.

And a week ago, he released ” Your Love “, a 4 tracks EP with the original, and 3 remixes (Tiam WillsMERIDIANLobot’s head).
Immediately, I fell in love with the original one. You have to listen the entire EP, and to learn more about Awkoder’s tracks. Usually, I prefer tracks without voice, because sometimes, it hides the work behind, but with ” Your Love “, they found how to mix the beautiful voice of Phlore, the awesome synths, drums, … the entire song.

Please continue, your dreamy songs make me crazy !
And because Awkoder is a good guy, he gives you his EP Free ! Free Download

” Hi everyone !
I’m very proud to release this new track, this is very special for me, very personal, 
Special thanks to my favorite singer, Phlore & the greats remixers for make this EP, Tiam Wills, Meridian & Lobot’s Head ! 
Hope you’ll enjoy this stuff !
Thank you !! “

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