Focus On … Chris Valey (#1)

chris valey liveChris Valey – Giverny (France)

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Finally, I succeeded to make the first article in my new section -> ” Focus On … ” So I decided to make you discover an artist I really appreciate – – Chris Valey –

As usual with BeatLine, I try to promote some unknown artists, who want to share their work but who don’t have the instruments to do this properly.
I’m not saying that I have these but if I could be something like their “springboard”, I would be proud & glad.

Therefore, that’s normal if you don’t know his work, but I think you have to lose a little of your time here, by checking his SoundCloud, listening to his tracks, sharing & enjoying. “Losing” your time ?! …

First of all, Chris Valey is a 18 years old French producer.
And yes ! French again 🙂
He started to make music with a guitar at 13. Producing since 2 years with his PC (FL Studio, Vengeance Packs for drums & Native Instruments for synths …). And for lives, he uses Traktor with MixTrack & soon a Launchpad !

It’s really difficult to classify his sounds in a category. And, of course, he never does the same, always influenced by tracks he listened to.

As he told me,

“I’m always trying to change/modify the style, if I had the time & skills I would never stop making music and I could produce in each style”.

He is producing kind of dreamy minimal house tracks, and chill-out. According what he listened to (links under his sounds).

Always finding new tracks, always producing… As an example he shared his new track called ” Ink ” just an hour ago.

It seems like imagination never leaves him alone …


Tracks & Remixes :

What he is listening to / Influences :

-> Nicolas Jaar / XXYYXX / Frivolous / Dream Koala / Paradis / Flying Lotus / Trentemöller / Paul K / Ratatat / Gorillaz …

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