Friday Selection #3

Friday Selection #3BeatLine Friday Selection #3

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I had too many tracks this week, but how can I make a choice …
-> I remembered that I created a track selection called “Friday Selection”.
NO, this is not a coincidence, this is Friday !

Let’s enjoy/chill/party with heavy tracks !
With Flight Facilities who reworked Beethoven, Soley remixed by Kool & Kabul.
A pure remix by Moonlight Matters, the return of Adam K, the latest track of Pyramid released on Kitsuné.
HandsDown & Future Feelings with pure songs, again !
Another great discoveries with HeadPhaze, Selectrixe.
With Ariane by Else, I got the impression being a year ago, at the beginning of BeatLine (one of the first artist shared with “Inspired by”)…
And of course, another huge slap with GirlsOnDrugs and their beautiful high-edited choir.

I hope you will like the selection, please like their pages …
And obviously, don’t forget to follow BeatLine !


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