The Rapture @ Magazine Club, Lille

22001_394613370628162_1793959504_nThe Rapture – New York (USA)
Live @ Magazine Club, Lille

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No need to introduce them. They are acting since a decade with their world famous hit “House of Jealous Lovers”, three albums “Echoes”, “Pieces Of The People We Love”, “In The Grace Of Your Love” & other tracks which made all of us completely crazy.

At the beginning they were producing pure Rock, and progressively they turned into Electro/Rock, which is not in itself displeasing to us !
They were in Lille yesterday, at the Magazine … again.
But this time, I miss some friends who weren’t in Lille, this was weird but a cool night at all …

I let you with the exclusive video live I made yesterday. & with the best remixes of their tracks & their latest album.

Enjoy & Share 🙂


Album : In The Grace Of Your Love

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