DO NOT MISS // April 2014 // HOT NEWS

PIC 108

Hey Buddies ! Huge announcements !

◤ Each month you will find :
– One Playlist/Mix made by an artist we like there !
– One Mix made by a good friend, a great DJ -> Zic Zag who will amaze you with the ‘Best Tunes of the Month’ !

& You will have ‘The Best of the Beat’ made by BeatLine, featuring the best tracks uploaded on the Channel for the 2 or 3 latests months. ◢

Do you want to hear more ?

Neptune Safari is the first artist to work with BeatLine, as a ‘Partner’, doing one Playlist or one Mix for Us !
So, he shared with us this great playlist, for the exclusive use of BeatLine.
As he is a good man, despite his work (HELL, he is promoting his New EP, stream here & Buy Link here), he spent some time to do this playlist for your ears …

Bon, je vais quand même te faire une playlist, le mix un peu tendax niveau timing mais la playlist ok si tu es toujours partant.

And for BeatLine happiness ! 😀

In his words, “follow the 14 tracks one by one, the order is important”. So you know what you have to do !

& don’t forget to like him.

If you like BeatLine, spread the word ! Like & Share !

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