Tiam Wills – “30 Minutes To Kill The Radio Star #1” (May 2014 Mix) (ENG)

Tiam Wills Version(Version Française ici)
Since more than a month already, BeatLine worked in the shade on the next mix and especially to present you a homegrown artist, a French who produces Funk/Nu-Disco, could not be more friendly!
Tiam Wills, from Caen, DJ and talented producer (very clean original and remixes) honored us to begin his series of a rather special mix : more than 20 tracks in 30 minutes untitled “30 Minutes To Kill The Radio Star “(30MTKTRS) and just for your enjoyment on BeatLine ! (Special Gift : Free Download of the mix with tracklist & JPGs)

And then, just below the video, you will learn a little more about the artist, as a small interview.

BeatLine : When did you start DJing and producing ?
Tiam Wills : I started DJing at the age of 15 for my high school and my friends’ birthdays. Production came little by little, from my 17.

BTLN : How did you realize you wanted to make music ?
TW : Actually, I ‘m not saying that I wanted to make, it came a bit like that, like when you fall in love, (BTLN : he is a poet too!) But also because of my parents and whole family, who were passionate about music and show, who, unconsciously, have inspired me to do and get a taste.

BTLN : What do you do outside of music ?
TW : I work, and I’m like everyone else, I see friends etc… Knowing that I spend a lot of my time with music.

BTLN : How do you start building your tracks (vocals, kick, bass … ) and the choice of songs in your mixes ?
TW : It’s really random, sometimes it comes from a specific idea or a sound that I like, or sometimes a sample with a potential, but most of the time I work a bit in the pulse and in the moment, and it makes most of my music.
I also work with Lilian, my guitarist, who really has a lot of talent : it’s often that we call each other, I make ​​him listen to the songs and see if he’s inspired for a solo or to put a few riffs to give more life to the track. For mixes, it’s only the tracks I love that I select.

BTLN : What are your influences ?
TW : I would say the whole Funk in general and the artists I admire, such as Duck Sauce, Oliver, ANDY, Alan Braxe, Daft Punk, the House in general and many others, they are so numerous !

BTLN : What do you listen to songs repeatedly right now ?
TW :
– Alex Metric feat Oliver – Galaxy
– Alex Metric feat Oliver – Hope
– Dudley Slang
 – R Moore Hard
– Ze Brass – Feels so good
– Rollergirl !
 – Boogie Down
– Paradisko – Chewing Gum
– Holmes Price – Got That Sound (Night Dub)
– J.O.Y. – I Need Your Love
– Duck Sauce – Everyone
– Aurra – Send Your Love

BTLN : And where can we find you ?
TW: June 12 in Nantes (FR) with Brain Washer Records.

And my EP is coming : ” Gold & Glad !”

And on social networks, you can find him here:

Official Tiam Wills Logo


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