Focus on … Elvinci&Co (Review & Interview)

As you could see I wasn’t on the internet a lot these days … The days moved so fast that I didn’t realized the latest review was months ago ! The point is I received a lot of interesting tracks and interviews but I had no time to give because I’m moving to Copenhagen for the entire year and I had to do some awful stuffs (writing letters, papers …) before my travel.

Now it’s time to go back to work and introduce you Elvinci&Co, a band from Paris (France) which produced some Funky Deep tracks that are really pleased to listen to.
It was formed in 2005 in the western suburbs of Paris. It is composed of 3 friends (Elie : Vocalist/Guitarist, Vinci : Keyboards/Guitarist and Leo : Drummer/Persussionist) who had the same passion about music, each one gave their special touch and their sensibility at the same time as adding their personal influences : Funk / Soul / Pop / Blues & Electro.

They offer you the opportunity to travel in a unique world you weren’t used to listen on BeatLine, full of harmonies and deep vocals, when acoustic meets mixing & MAO sessions.

I had the chance to ask a few questions in order to know more about them and to put yourself in their shoes.

BeatLine :  Who are they ?
Elie : 24, from Guadalupe (father) and France (mother), I sing and sometimes play guitar, flute or synth for recording. I write some lyrics with the help of my friend Laure-Anne and my mother.
Vincent : Vinci, 23 years old, guitarist, composer and arranger.
Leo : 23 years old, drums and arranger.

BTLN : What do they feel when they listen to music, What it gives to them ? (philosophical question, I know).
Elie : It reminds me moments of my life, happy or sad. it inspires me to write lyrics about love, life, time flying… Every song relates to a moment.
Vincent : I love listening music all the time, car, at work, at home, it makes me happy.
Leo : It makes me living, I think about happy things, sad things, its different every time, that’s what I like, its a good way to escape.

BTLN : How did you realize you wanted to make music ?
Elie : 10 years ago with my family (cousins friends grandpa and grandma) everyone who inspires me. it came naturally.
Vincent : I started using a friend’s DJ turntable, when I was 16 years old.
Leo : I started drums around 6 years old, my father played lot of instruments at home he gave me the love of the music.

BTLN : When did you start DJing and producing ?
Elie : We started (Vins and I) instrumental music around 17 years old and beside, Vins, Leo and another friend produced stuffs more electronic, more techno. We started doing repetition in studio together around 2010. Elvinci&Co was born.

BTLN : How do you start building your tracks (vocals, kick, bass …) and the choice of songs in your mixes ?
We start tracks with the feeling from a guitar, a beat, a melody we have in mind.
We never know, its different all the time, everyone comes with different influences, we put it together and sometimes you get something, good or not.

BTLN : What do you do outside of music ?
Elie : gardener 🙂 I love grass and green places.
Vincent : I work half time.
Leo : I work at television.

BTLN : What are your influences ?
Elie : Funk, Jazz Blues, Electro, Life, Woman, Stress, Friend, Family.
Vinci : Soul, Electro.
Leo : Funk, French Touch, Techno, Motown, Pop Disco.

BTLN : What do you listen to songs repeatedly right now ?
Prince Dear – Mr man. (Link)
One song for parties ?
Lonely Boy – Shut Your Mouth (Elvinci&Co remix) 😉 
One song for your after parties, for sunday ?
Jack J – Something (On My Mind). (Link)
One song you would like to get out from unknown ?
Not a song but an artist : Nicolas Thurman. Have a look !
One song you play every time (sets and at friends’ parties) ?
Probably FKJ.

BTLN : Some coming dates, festivals, parties ?
Nothing sure for now.

I’ve selected two tracks, one featured on the YouTube channel, « Shut Your Mouth » by Lonely Boy, remixed by Elvinci&Co and the famous « Sunstring » by Max Liese remixed by Elvinci&Co.

And on social networks, you can find them here:



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