Focus on … Swedish House Duo Franskild

Holidays ! That’s what I call Holidays ! I was able to write two reviews in a row for BeatLine. Usually I’m not really able to give a lot of time for writings or even reading.
This time I’m pleased to introduce you Franskild, a Swedish duo living in Copenhagen (Denmark). Maybe they will be in my future neighbor !
This is the story of 2 not common characters, a Master Chef, Love and an architect, Tim who shared their vision of music, their imagination, wonders … Welcome to their world …
Armed with a great experience now ; they were featured on famous blogs, Mixmag, Noisey,, and were official remixers of Maya Jane Coles ‘Burning Bright’, they gave me the opportunity to feature ‘Genesis’, their latest track.

BeatLine : Who are Franskild ?
We’re Tim Söderström and Love Ojensa, two swedes living in Copenhagen making melancholic house music.

BTLN : How did you realize you wanted to make music ?
We’ve been doing music since we were young teenagers. Tim started out doing proper Hardstyle and drum’n’bass tracks while Love was totally into Hip-hop and sampling weird loops trying to make beats for his friends to rap on.

BTLN : When did you start DJing and producing ?
Both of us started out DJing around the same time as we discovered that we wanted to be producers. We never dreamt of playing in a band, for us the Dj’s and producers were the coolest you could be.

BTLN : How do you start building your tracks (vocals, kick, bass …) and the choice of songs in your mixes ?
It’s very different from track to track. Sometimes we find a good melody and just try different synths and variations and build from there and sometimes we start with a nice 909 Kick and see where it takes us. It’s important for us that we never get too comfortable. It’s when you get comfortable that you begin to be predictable, lazy and boring.
For our DJ-Sets we’re always aiming for a good balance between vocal and non-vocal tracks and an increasing progression in intensity. Although, you need to take it down once in a while and build it back up again so not to bore your audience. Once again it’s all about not being predictable.

BTLN : What do you do outside of music ?
Tim is an architect and is just finishing his masters and Love is a chef, but for the moment we’re both working on the daily operation of Franskild.

 BTLN : What are your influences ?
Our influences are ever changing. Right now, we’re really into stuff coming out on labels such as Stockholm based Studio Barnhus and Parisian Clek Clek Boom, a bit rawer and less polished sounds. We also listen a lot to Jimmy Edgar’s label Ultramajic.

 BTLN : What do you listen to songs repeatedly right now ?
It seems like everyone else, we can’t get enough of Ten Walls ‘Walking with Elephant’, it’s an absolute beast of a track ! And Kornel Kovacs track ‘Szikra’ is another favorite this summer. 

BTLN : One song for parties ?
Sing it back with Moloko always does the trick. (Link)
One song for your after parties, for sunday ?
For a rainy Sunday, there is nothing like Hiders by Burial. (Link)
One song you would like to get out from unknown ?
There are a lot of great tracks that deserve a lot more attention. Our fellow Swedish producer André Laos released a brilliant EP on Let’s Play House a while ago, called ‘Roundabout EP’, check it out now. (Link)
One song you play every time (sets and at friends’ parties) ?
We have one track that always works and has been in almost all our sets in the past year, Maya Jane Coles ‘What They Say’. That tune is perfected for the dancefloor. Maya is an absolute master of the small (but yet so important) details. (Link)

BTLN : Some coming dates, festivals, parties ?
We’re playing the after party to fashion designer Wali Mohammed Barrech’s runway show at Copenhagen Fashionweek at the beginning of August. Later that month we’re doing a special show at the Summit South Filmfestival in Stockholm where we going to create the soundtrack live to an old sci-fi silent film. 

BTLN : One last word ?
Watch out for our coming single dropping later this summer. We are starting our own label with a lot of great music coming. 

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